Blip Tokyo Pre-Party – 10/19

17:30 – Cheapshot
18:00 – Zen Albatross
18:30 – Minikomi
19:00 – Cancel
19:30 – Note!
20:00 – Ajipon
20:10 – Orloc
20:30 – Bun
21:00 – Ctrix
21:30 close

Venue : Club Heavy Sick,


Address : B1 2chome-27-4 Nishihara, Shibuya, Tokyo 151-0066, Japan (note addresses are almost useless for finding places in Japan, print out the google map and the directions!)

Train : Hatagaya Station on the Keio NEW line (not keio line) from Shinjuku Station.

The Keio New Line entrance is near the Shinjuku JR South Exit. 2 stops to Hatagya, use the local train NOT the rapid train. Get on the train near the front of the third car.

Directions : Come out of the ticket gate, turn left, go up the left stairs. Turn left, walk away from the big road. Walk past Mos Burger, the road bends to the left a little, go straight. After a couple of minutes there is a Liquor Store on the right (if you see a 7-11 on your left you went too far), turn right, walk 10 meters, the entrance is on the left in the basement.

Blip Tokyo Post-Party – 10/22

18:00 – Storz
18:30 – Big Brother
19:00 – utabi
19:30 – 牧歌電子
19:50 – DJ Master Kohta
20:10 – KAZ a.k.a.HIGE
20:30 – USK
21:00 – hizmi
21:30 – hally

VJ: NO CARRIER / Batsly Adams

Venue – Sabako
Access – Tokyo Metro Tozai Line, Waseda Station Exit 2
Time – 10/22 – open 18:00, close 22:00
Door – 1500 yen w/1 free drink
Google Map Link

- Directions –

Leave exit 2, turn left. Walk, past Subway, Macdonalds and Mizuho bank on your left. Just head of you is a cross roads with a police box and a large red temple gate. Turn left here and cross the street. On your right walk past a small carpark, walk another 50 yards or so, the entrance to Sabako is just behind the 3rd vending machine you pass. If you reach a right turn just after a restaurant called “Saizeriya” you have gone to far.