How much are/Where can I buy Tickets?

Please check the Tickets page for info on price / Availability etc.

What is the schedule?

Please check the Schedule page.

How do I get to the venue?

Please check the Access page.

Are there Pre or After parties?

Yes! We have both, please check here soon for more info!

Which Airport Should I use?

A – Tokyo has two main Airports, Narita and Haneda. Narita is more likely for international flights from the US / Europe, it is about 80 minutes outside central Tokyo. Haneda is a closer to central Tokyo but less likely for internationals outside the pacific rim.

How do I get from the airport to the city?

Both sites have very helpful pages for this, click here for Haneda and here for Narita. If you are travelling from Narita, the Suica & NEX card is a good idea. Suica is a pre paid card to travel around Central Tokyo which you can charge when you need it and the NEX is the Narita Express, a train which runs from Narita airport to Central Tokyo.

How should I travel around Tokyo?

Trains are the most common method. Please check out the Japan Guides primer on travel around Tokyo. If you want to travel between two particular stations, please use Jorudan to check your route. You might want to bookmark that site, it is pretty useful.

One thing to bear in mind, Tokyo train stations can be very large and confusing, some stations have 20 train lines and dozens of exits so you might want to give yourself a little extra time if you have a specific time to be somewhere.

What if I plan to travel outside Tokyo?

A Japan Rail Pass is a very good idea. Please note, these cannot be purchased INSIDE Japan

Where can I stay?

Cheaper – Dorm style, Y2200 upwards, Kaosan Ninja, 30 minutes and 1 train from Blip.

Mid Range – Hotel Style, Y7000 upward (single room) Y9,000 upwards (double room) Sakura hotel Hatagaya, 20 minutes and 2 trains from blip.

Mid range – Hotel style, Y8000 upward (single room) Y10,000 upwards (double room) Ikubukuro Super Hotel, 25 minutes and 2 trains from Blip.

Also a quick Google for “hotels in Tokyo” will give plenty of hits.

Does Japan Have free WIFI?



Yep, seriously. Almost all WIFI points are passwords protected and require a monthly subscription through and ISP

Where can I rent a sim card?

After you leave the airport, renting a sim card is next to impossible, phone shops won’t sell or rent you one. Simcards are probably best to either rent a phone or card before you arrive and arrange to pick it up at the airport, or have it delivered to your hotel. If you want to be able to use a phone in Japan, contact a service like Jcorp or Cellhire or rent on at the airport.

Will my phone work in Japan

Kind of a complex question, cell phone networks in Japan are a bit unique, the Japan Guide has some good information or check one of the above links.

Do I really need a cell phone? Can’t I just use WiFi?

Japan doesn’t have free WiFi, almost everything is locked into subscription services, your chances of finding an open WiFi signal are very very small. Trust me, get a phone or a sim card sorted out, not having one will be a giant pain.

How much is a day in Japan likely to cost?

Japan really isnt as expensive as you might think, there are thousands of places where you can eat for Y500 to Y1000, a couple of sample costs,

Can of Coke – Y120
Pack of Smokes – Y440
Half size sandwich at Subway – Y500 or less
Bowl of Ramen – Y800 ish
2 or 3 station Train Trip In central Tokyo – Y130
10 station tain trip in central Toyko – Y210
Travel from Airport to central Tokyo – Y2000ish one way

So if you budget 3000 yen for food, 1000 yen for travel per day you should be easily safe. Factor in your hotel costs and your to and from the airport costs, you should have a decent idea what staying in Tokyo is likely to cost.

Where can I withdraw money?

There are several Citi Bank branches in Tokyo, you should also be able to take money out from Post Offices and some convenience store ATMs, 7-11 is very likely to work with most international cards.

I only have 10,000 yen bills can I use them in stores?

Yes, this is no problem at all.

Do all Japanese shops accept credit cards?

No, big stores chain stores like Gap, Tower Records or large department stores etc should take cards, but many smaller restaurants, ramen shops, bars and even Starbucks won’t accept cards. Probably a good idea to keep some cash handy.