Blip Festival Tokyo 2012 performing artists:



Abortifacient is the darkest, heaviest LSDJ programmer on Earth. Drawing on Hardcore, Jungle and Dubstep, he shocks and corrupts the innocent chip kids with mentalist WAV channel bass wobbles, intricate chaotic rhythms, and pummeling dancefloor bangers.

He has developed a sound unique within chipmusic, revolving around syncopated perversions of popular dance music, intricate WAV channel programming, and taking the piss out of genre conventions.

He kicked off Blip Australia in 2012, melting everyone’s faces with the gratuitous brostep anthem ‘Ripper’. He also toured Spain in 2011, Japan in 2007 and 2009, headlined dozens of shows across Australia, and supported the biggest names in Chiptune, IDM and Breakcore.

He is also an avid supporter of the Sydney underground electronic music scene. With four years of organising warehouse parties, he created ‘Death Rave’; the largest chipmusic event in Sydney, dedicated to showcasing interstate and international musicians, and uncovering unknown producers.

Along with his other october shows in Japan, he’ll use two Gameboys and a rack of modules to abort your perceptions of what chipmusic can be.


Aliceffekt is the music project of Devine Lu Linvega, an Industrial artist who first performed in 2008 in Montreal, New York and Tokyo. Devine originally started the Aliceffekt project to create soundscapes to complement his illustrations and games. However, what had once been a side project quickly became Devine’s main focus after headlining Pulsewave in New York City with the chipcore artist [XC3N]. Less than a year later he was able to successfully take his music to Tokyo, Japan. Aliceffekt has produced a wide collection of tracks, with genres ranging from IDM, darkwave, industrial, and glitch.


Andrew Reitano [Batsly Adams] is an electrical engineer / programmer / visualist based in NY. He creates visuals using a combination of two Sega Genesis consoles and a hand-built video synth circuit. His style involves pushing the limits of the Sega video processor (VDP), utilizing hardware tricks to produce images beyond the expected capability of the system.


Based in New York City, Bit Shifter explores high-energy, low-resolution music produced using the primitive synthesis of repurposed electronics as a deliberate aesthetic choice. In a distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy to produce hard-hitting, high-impact music that seeks to explore the aesthetics of economy and to push minimal hardware to its maximum.

Bit Shifter is the co-administrator of the 8bitpeoples label, co-curator and co-organizer of the international Blip Festival event series, has released music on Astralwerks, Hymen, Mirex, and 555 Recordings, and has performed over 150 shows worldwide.

Photo – Mathies Jespersen


Blasterhead(Silverbox Inc.)
Blasterhead has lent his talents to numerous BishouJou games, voice actors and vocalists. A bass and techno aficionado, he has appeared as Sweden’s Microdisko twice and the legendary New York Blip Festival.


Bud Melvin uses the unique combination of Game Boy and banjo to create quirky pop gems and country and westen anthems to post-modern psychologial diaspora. His digital identity resides chiefly at, while his corporeal pursuits often find him at the neighborhood bar. In concert, Bud Melvin drinks too much and talks too much.


Jaelyn Nisperos, a.k.a. chibi-tech, is a former Bay Area Californian now working as a game music composer and sound designer in Japan. Stemming from her long-time experience with early home computers and video game consoles, she loves to push the technical limits of soundchips via insanely meticulous manipulation. Combined with her wide knowledge & appreciation of different musical genres and instrumentation, she enjoys creating raw yet detailed chiptunes with surprisingly realistic qualities… making basic waveforms simulate either acoustical instruments & percussion, famous electronic synthesizer patches, or even different ranges of vocals. All in the most convincing manner.

chibi-tech is also a pure geek of many odd forms. Often it influences her music in the most hilarious of ways. Sometimes in the most shocking & absurd of ways, even! But ultimately she hopes that her music leaves a wonderful & unforgettable impression in every listener.


CHiKA is a visual and an interactive artist with the international VJ background and experimental music scene. Her visual art work vary from minimalist geometric patterns to unique compositions overflowing with a variety of forms and color.

Her work has been shown at The Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History, The Hammer Museum, Sun Francisco Art Institute, Geneva Centre de Art Contemporain, Matadero Madrid, Theatre Maisonneuve, Biennial in Venezuel, New York University, Cooper Union, University of Pennsylvania, The University of Wisconsin-Madison, The Issue Project Room, Galapagos Art Space, Harvest Works, Eyebeam, The Front Room Gallery, The Ise Gallery, Mutek, Mapping Festival, Blip Festival, Decibel Festival, and Ingenuity Festival.


“Covox started out making music in the mid-90‘s, using a broken home computer equipped with a homebuilt sampler.
Growing up in a distant town in northern Sweden, the prime musical inspiration came from the local punk and rave scenes. Developing a love affair with trashy productions and raw energy, he is now channeling his unique blend of techno and pop through repurposed low-tech electronics. Coaxing primitive waveforms into fist-throwing basslines and melodies, he challenges public perception of what can be achieved with obsolete tech. He has since the debut in 2003 toured extensively throughout Europe, Asia and North America.”


In 2002 released his first album composed entirely on Gameboy。KOCHITOLA HAGURETIC EMCEE’S、provides DOPENESS enshrining music、appeared at blip fesval 2008 and things。So, birthdays are boasting game boy enthusiasts!


With a career in 8bit music lasting more than 10 years and over two hundred gigs in at least twenty countries, few musicians in the 8bit scene can claim to be more seasoned than gwEm. His travels have taken him as far east as Japan, as far north as Norway, as far south as India, as far west as the United States and he has no plans of hanging up his trademark Flying V guitar anytime soon. After a gap of five years, gwEm returns to Tokyo to play at Blip Festival.


This chip musician is mainly active on the internet, sites like myspace. Hige Driver specializes in fast paced catchy songs blending instrumentation and vocals. He also works on remixes, game and idol music. A good example of his music is the video for Ukigumo which was covered by Frances “Nolife TV” and was a number 1 record for 7 weeks.


Born in 1986, M7Kenji started working on mobile phone applications. All his work is for Japanese mobile internet and he has made numerous start up animations and graphics. From there he started using Flash to make mobile phone games. Rather than moving towards modern graphics, he favors a lobit ethic and enjoys working within the constraints of that technology.


NNNNNNNNNN(no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no) is Kyoto based 24 years old chipscum. His lovely and deadly intensions against the cosmic wave bass world of LSDj and Nintendo Gameboy is never-ending and yet it has just began.


A composer, director and producer centered around games and game music software. Has composed music for Ridge Racer, Tekken and Drag-on Dragoon. Director / Producer of the Nintendo DS software, KORG DS-10 and KORG M01 and the iPhone/iPad software, “I am sampler”, “I am synth” and the Ipad app “IYM2151″

President of DETUNE Corporation


Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete repurposed electronics to create psychedelic low resolution video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide


Nullsleep is the alias of Jeremiah Johnson, an electronic musician whose style could best be described as post-cyberpunk: a combination of distorted synthpop, electro, and industrial produced with repurposed low-bit electronics. His approach embraces the politics of appropriation, leveraged limitations, destructive process and data corruption. The result is a wall of digital noise driven by a heavy beat, expanding and collapsing in a series of glitches and drones emanating from cheap plastic devices.

In 1999 Nullsleep co-founded 8bitpeoples, a collective of artists interested in the audio-visual aesthetics of early home computers and video game consoles. He has since released a number of recordings through 8bitpeoples, Astralwerks, Aniplex and others. Based in New York City, Nullsleep has performed over 150 shows throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including successful world tours in 2006 and 2009.

Photo – Marjorie Becker


China’s reigning 8-bit maestro “Sun Dawei” began to compose electronic music, and played in rock bands “Under Baby” in 2000. He paid attention on Composing for movies and dramas in 2002 and joined in the “Modern Sky” for releasing his first album «Air Inhibition of Water» under the name “Sulumi”. That same year, he founded a electronic music label called “Shanshui Records”., Following year, He was invited to the electronic music festival “Sounding Beijing 2003 – International Electronic Music Festival” & “Digital Ox-Warehouse Festival 2004, Macau”. His 2nd album «visit, The turning point in his career came 2008 when he released his album called «Chaotic Dance the Function». He put his music concept into the showing of the spirit in chiptune music. He first came to prominence through his participating in the “Blip Festival 2008″ – the world’s biggest 8-bit music festival which held in NYC. In 2009 he dedicated to do a string of remixes for Brain Failure, New Pants, Jeans Team, Mochipet & Kid606.


1993 : Born in Sapporo
Fall 2011 : This female college student first encountered chip music.
2012/2 : Moved to Kyoto and started performing live seriously.
Now works using the GB as the core element for minimal and hard psychedelic trance, hard techno tracks.


“Ultrasyd is a slacker. Occasionally, he makes music. He alternates between the demoscene and chiptune scene. He uses Renoise to create music ranging from black metal to French house. But when it comes to making chiptunes, he composes using Atari ST, Game Boy, Amstrad CPC 464, C64, Amiga, and a couple of other obsoleet systems. Ultrasyd made his first live appearance at Blip Festival in New York City in 2011, and since then has gone on to play other gigs and shows here and there.”