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Anamanaguchi is a four-piece melodic, 8-bit rock band from Brooklyn, New York. Combining raw guitars and thrashing drums with a glitchy digital soundscape, they create a powerful, energetic sound that rests somewhere between organic and robotic. The band, started in 2003 by then 15-year-old Peter Berkman, released their debut POWER SUPPLY EP on the New York DIY label 8bitpeoples in 2006. In 2009 the lineup solidified with bassist James DeVito, Ary Warnaar on guitar & gameboy, and Luke Silas on drums and they released their second EP, DAWN METROPOLIS.

Anamanaguchi embodies the triumph over youthful suburban boredom through house shows, pizza parties, and late night video game sessions with friends in the same way the Beach Boys did through cars, babes, and surfing.

They provided a brand new 24-song soundtrack to the SCOTT PILGRIM VS. THE WORLD video game (accompanying the NBC/Universal film) that was released on August 10th, 2010 by Ubisoft Montreal for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. Abkco Music & Records digitally released the official soundtrack on August 24th, 2010 debuting at No. 3 on Billboard’s Heatseekers Albums chart (aka New Artist in SoundScan).

Last summer, they released a series of singles for free download from their website, each complete with original frenetic, seizure-inducing animated cover art and an accompanying b-side.

They are hyped and ready to party.

Photo – Ethan Sacks


Bit Shifter

Based in New York City, Bit Shifter explores high-energy, low-resolution music produced using the primitive synthesis of repurposed electronics as a deliberate aesthetic choice. In a distillation of the less-is-more philosophy, Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy to produce hard-hitting, high-impact music that seeks to explore the aesthetics of economy and to push minimal hardware to its maximum.

Bit Shifter is the co-administrator of the 8bitpeoples label, co-curator and co-organizer of the international Blip Festival event series, has released music on Astralwerks, Hymen, Mirex, and 555 Recordings, and has performed over 150 shows worldwide.

Photo – Mathies Jespersen



Cheapshot has been making music since he was an undergraduate student, but only discovered the world of chip music in 2009 through a friend. He started experimenting with 8-bit sounds in his dubstep, techno and bass productions which can be seen in his earlier works such as “Splatt!” However, he got more and more obsessed with LSDJ and the “pure” side of chip music and started producing solely on the nintendo gameboy. At the start of 2010, he began to produce tracks inspired by the deep bass, dubby sounds such as artists like Quarta 330, minikomi, ??? and Cow-p. His latest tracks feature a harder sound with inspirations coming from the dubstep, UK funky and future garage scenes.

If there is one constant that can be used to describe Cheapshot’s sound and philosophy behind his music, it has to be his well-known phrase: “BASS, innit!”


The C-Men

Some veejays need expensive, high-end PCs or Macs to display a bunch of grey lines. The C-Men only need 2 Amiga computers, a 320×256 resolution in 16 colours and a couple of Red Bulls to send those graphic designer VJs home with burnt retinas.

For over 10 years, the C-Men have been displaying their bright, comic-styled, abstract and intricate visuals from Barcelona to Pusan, Los Angeles to Hamar, Moscow to Madrid, Tallinn to Florence, New York to Petrozavodsk, Bergen to St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Las Vegas, and back to their hometown, Enschede.



cTrix makes music with oldskool computers from 1978 – 1988. He then takes them to a gig, sets everything up to tun live and lets burst a range of syles. No 2 performances are the same.

His music has been described as: “a phat and funky breaks/house style mixed with early 90′s vokal rave samples, buzzing oldskool sounds and early jungle D’n'B all mixed into one show.” His additional works span progressive rock and 80′s power rock.

cTrix intergrates a Gameboy, C64, Atari 2600 and beloved Amiga 500/1200 to work together and not limited to one style or sound. While you might not know what to expect at a show, you can expect one thing: to have a f**king awesome time!



Bass to meet you!

Hizmi is a x680000000000 bassmachine craftsman. He loves bass and sub-bass research and develepoment and strives to provide the public with the limits of the x68000′s sound capabilities.

He paid one of his cronies 210 yen to write this profile…


For the past 20 years Hizmi has persued his obsession with the x68000 as an FM sound samurai. Still now, he continues his quest to discover how well his blade can cut. From Gabba and speed core to Thrash and Dub step, He has conquered club music and proven FM is a quality contender in any genre. Hizmi want to destroy peoples preconceptions of FM. He wants to change the lethargy of Luddites and retrofetishist, it is one of the greatest dangers we face.

- by Hally -


Je Deviens Dj En 3 Jours

Je deviens dj en 3 jours (stands for “I become a dj in 3 days” and is often shortened to JDDJ3J) is a french electronic artist who creates all of his music on a Nintendo Gameboy from 1989.

Fighting back an oppressive urge of technological sophistication which can be found in todays electronic music, he immediately found his unique sound signature made of unlikely waveforms – delivering a refreshing approach to techno music.

Starting as live oriented artist, in 2008 he released his debut single ‘FINAL LAP’ on Somekind Records, followed by his first music video ‘CONGRATULATIONS’

In 2009 he launched the ‘DA CHIP’ project, a tribute compilation to the french artists DAFT PUNK entirely composed on vintage game systems. Approved by the band itself, DA CHIP became a worldwide classic.

The year ends as a true consecration for Je deviens dj en 3 jours with his participation at Blip Festival in New York, the largest global gathering of chip fans & musicians.

He is currently signed to the prestigious Berlin-based label, BLEEPSTREET Records, who have released his second single ‘Trashing Fakers’, mixing pure gameboy sounds with heavy post-production.

Always trying to be creative with his live performances, Je deviens dj en 3 jours has played to crowds in Europe, America, Indonesia and Japan and continues to organise many events in his hometown of Nice, France.



Kplecraft use old generation 8 bit game machines as a basis for tracks which blend cosmically effected saxophone and quirky percussion to create a riotous live act with a fusion chip electro / acoustic sound. The band initially worked with 8 bit loops and improvisation but recently they have shifted toward a more melodic and structured sound.



Born in 1971, Manabn worked for 2 video game companies. He then founded a music company focusing on game music. After 11 years of freelance work he has left the city to explore personal music projects.



Born in 1986, M7Kenji started working on mobile phone applications. All his work is for Japanese mobile internet and he has made numerous start up animations and graphics. From there he started using Flash to make mobile phone games. Rather than moving towards modern graphics, he favors a lobit ethic and enjoys working within the constraints of that technology.



Don Miller is an artist and educator based in Brooklyn, NY. He performs live visuals in real time under the alias NO CARRIER. Miller works with nearly obsolete repurposed electronics to create high energy low resolution abstract video art. Part of the 8bitpeoples artist collective, he performs, exhibits, and lectures worldwide. In his hometown of Philadelphia Miller organizes and curates 8static, a monthly showcase of low-bit music and video. He also serves as the Director of Playpower, a non-profit organization that works to bring low-cost educational games to developing countries.

Photo – Ben Mason



nordloef takes his background in punk rock bands and his love for electronic music to create melodic, upbeat pop songs while at the same time squeezing out as much music as possible from
the limited hardware of the Nintendo Game Boy.

nordloef has toured and played in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Ireland, Denmark and Sweden and has played at all kinds of shows ranging from secret clubs in farms to techno parties in forests.

nordloef’s live shows are best described as a mixture between a one-man punk show and a sweaty DJ set. But instead of using two turntables, he uses two original Game Boys. nordloef uses the softwares Live mode and rearranges the songs on the spot. The Game Boys outputs are fed through external effects and tweaked live.



Notendo is the audio/visual output of Jeff Donaldson, a multimedia artist, guitarist and composer of electronic and acoustic sound. An active member internationally in micromusic as the audio/visual project Notendo, solo work and collaborations as Odea Duo Vii, HD and Wzt Hearts, Jeff’s work encompasses a broad spectrum of audio/visual composition and improvisation.

In 2001, with the intent to create animation entirely with his own hardware modifications, Jeff began creatively short-circuiting NES consoles. There is no new code involved, only raw, machine logic. This work has led to international recognition in new media art and has inspired people world-wide to pursue similar expressions.

Notendo is committed to a continuing pursuit of the untapped potential of rewiring consumer electronics to create fresh, new work.

Photo – Raquel Meyers



Nullsleep is the alias of Jeremiah Johnson, an electronic musician whose style could best be described as post-cyberpunk: a combination of distorted synthpop, electro, and industrial produced with repurposed low-bit electronics. His approach embraces the politics of appropriation, leveraged limitations, destructive process and data corruption. The result is a wall of digital noise driven by a heavy beat, expanding and collapsing in a series of glitches and drones emanating from cheap plastic devices.

In 1999 Nullsleep co-founded 8bitpeoples, a collective of artists interested in the audio-visual aesthetics of early home computers and video game consoles. He has since released a number of recordings through 8bitpeoples, Astralwerks, Aniplex and others. Based in New York City, Nullsleep has performed over 150 shows throughout North America, Europe and Asia, including successful world tours in 2006 and 2009.

Photo – Marjorie Becker



Omodaka began as a fusion of music and motiongraphics. Live he uses a DS Lite, PSP, Gameboy and an LCD screen to create scenes of 8-bit chaos. Check out his music videos here:


Role Model

Role Model, also known as Johan Kotlinski, is only a few years away from qualifying as one of the old farts in chip music. He started to compose on Amiga around 1992, probably around the same time as his terrorist career took an abrupt ending (burned down the kitchen with a home-made smoke bomb).

He is probably mostly known for putting some thousands of hours into creating the popular Little Sound Dj music editor for Game Boy. He also founded the Bleep Street and Rebel Pet Set record labels (now celebrating ten year anniversary), as well as co-founding the legendary Microdisko clubs in Stockholm and Berlin.

Musically, he brings a little more dark and shuffly version of chip music to the table. Hope u like it!

Fav software: Musicline Editor v1.15
Also performed in: All over Europe, Japan, NYC
Also released on: 8bitpeoples, Intikrec, Retinascan, Astralwerks, Cocoon


Sexy Synthesizer

SEXY-SYNTHESIZER is founded in 2006 by Takeshi Nagai. Their sound is characterized by 1980′s arcade sound effects and familiar electronic sounds, with vocoder vocals singing over all that. Simply categorizing the group with terms like “chiptune” and “8bit sound” are not enough to explain their distinctive rock/punk-based electro groove.



Jake Kaufman a.k.a. Virt is lucky to have the same hobby and career! He has worked on music and sound design for over 50 games, from Game Boy Color to PS3. His deep love for Japanese game music has brought him together with Japanese fans and game creators; for example, he was hired by CAVE to arrange Manabu Namiki’s legendary “Ketsui” soundtrack, for “Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label (X360)”. He also composed the soundtrack for “Contra: Dual Spirits (US: Contra 4)”. His goal in life is to spread happiness and laughter to anyone who will listen.



Xinon is a gameboy musician from Gunma. He has been active since 2004 using the Gameboys 4 track to make trance, techno and house music.

- Reprinted from VORC -